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Beckett turned to the camera and said,"Are you sure you're immune?"

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Caz stared at the sky and wondered why things in her galaxy were so confusing. Then she pulled out a cup of tea and perched regally upon a wheely chair. Imperiously peering around the empty tearoom, she sighed and addressed the microwave in an extended speech which was then translated into Spark Notes.

I like to read and write.
I like to space travel on the weekends.
I hold two jobs.
I am journeying through the tertiary education system.
I have met the following people: Paul McGillion, David Hewlett, David Nykl, Teryl Rothery and Tamora Pierce.
I have been to Antarctica. It was wonderful. No bugs. No ancient outposts, either.
Sci-fi and fantasy OWN MY SOUL.
Postmodernism tried to buy my soul off the aforementioned genres. An epic battle ensued. As you can see, POMO now rents out parts of my brain.
9/10 people who know me have called me "weird" at some point.
I used to think that comics were puerile. Now I own in excess of $800 worth of comics.
My favourited band is Duran Duran.
Book/Movie/TV characters who made me who I am today: Alanna the Lioness, Major Samantha Carter, Max Guevara [aka X5-452], Ellie Linton, Leia Organa, Piper Halliwell
I am described as: over-feminist, strange, obsessive, fangirl, not-of-this-planet
For 6 years of my childhood, I believed my father to be a Martian.

Caz set aside her empty tea cup and glanced at her watch. Rolling her eyes to the stars above, she pushed a few buttons around the edge of the analogue time-piece.

"May the Force be with you," she told the assembled audience of zero.

There was a terrible ghastly silence.
There was a terrible ghastly noise.
There was a terrible ghastly silence.

The room was empty. Somewhere overhead in orbit, the starship NTE 3120 [designation: HyperCazian] cruised quietly in real-space.

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